Presentations (September 13, 2012)

8:30 am – 9:30 am

Plenary Speakers:

Dr. Ian Askew, Population Council, Integration Assessment: Why and How?  VIDEO

Dr. Kevin Osborne, Senior HIV Advisor, IPPF, SRH & HIV Linkages, ‘Making it Work’ for key populations in Africa           VIDEO

“One Stop Shop” – Video on Integration of family planning and HIV Care – KEMRI & UCSF Collaboration

9:30 am – 10:30 am

MODELS OF RH/HIV INTEGRATION – Oral Presentations (Pre-formed Panels)

No 123 – A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial of Antenatal Care and HIV Treatment Integration in Rural Kenya            PANEL VIDEO

Abstract 1: Effects of Antenatal Care-HIV Service Integration on the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Cascade: Results from a cluster-randomized controlled trial in Kenya, Janet M. Turan, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Maricianah Onono, Rachel L. Steinfeld, Sierra Washington, Starley Shade, Marta Ackers, Craig R. Cohen

Abstract 2: The impact of integration of HIV care and treatment into antenatal care clinics on mother-to-child HIV transmission and maternal outcomes in Nyanza, Kenya: results from a cluster randomized controlled trial, Sierra Washington, Starley B. Shade, Janet M. Turan, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Maricianah Onono, Rachel L. Steinfeld, Marta Ackers, Craig R. Cohen

Abstract 3: Assessing integration of HIV services into antenatal care clinics across different health facility contexts, Rachel L. Steinfeld, Maricianah Onono, Craig R. Cohen, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Sierra Washington, Janet M. Turan

Abstract 4: HIV-related stigma and enrollment in HIV care in the context of integrated vs. non-integrated antenatal care and HIV services in rural Kenya, Janet M. Turan, Maricianah Onono, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Craig R. Cohen   

MODELS OF RH/HIV INTEGRATION – Oral Presentations (Pre-formed Panels)

No. 125 – Integration of SGBV services in Public Hospitals in Kenya

Abstract 1: Integration of post-rape care in public health facilities: challenges and opportunities, Elizabeth Aroka, Lou Dierick, Soita Musimbi, Marleen Temmerman   VIDEO

Abstract 2: Data from 5 years Gender-Based Violence Recovery Centre at Coast General Provincial Hospital, Soita Musimbi, Elizabeth Aroka, Lou Dierick, Marleen Temmerman  VIDEO

Abstract 3: “Haki Yenu” a study investigating the barriers to accessing justice for survivors of sexual and gender based violence, Wilkister Bosire, Lou Dierick, Elizabeth Aroka, Marleen Temmerman  VIDEO

Abstract 4: Selected Findings from 5 years GBVRC, Lou Dierick, Elizabeth Aroka, Marleen Temmerman  VIDEO


11:00 am – 12:30 pm

INTEGRATION Assessment – Oral Presentations (Individual)

No 57 – Integration of Family Planning and HIV Services: Opportunities in Urban Kenya, Paul Kuria, Mike Mutua, Jean-Christophe Fotso, Janet Omyonga     VIDEO 76 & 57

No 3 – Impact and cost-effectiveness of integrating cervical cancer prevention into HIV-care and treatment services in Nyanza Province, Megan J Huchko, Jessica Vernon

No 5 – Integrating HIV care and treatment in MCH:From research to practise, Pauline Onguko, Lucy Matu, Peter Savosnick

No 138 – “Nowadays we communicate…” What providers think about Integrating HIV and reproductive health services in Kenya and Swaziland, Richard Mutemwa, Susannah Mayhew, Manuela Colombini, Joshua  Kikuvi, Jackline Kivunaga

No 93 – Integration of Reproductive Health and HIV Related Services; Perceptions of Antenatal Clients Attending Rural Clinics in North-Central Nigeria, Nwokedi Austin Ndulue, Bisi Arije, Titi Badru, Sunday Adaji  VIDEO

No 76 – Monitoring the Scale Up of Best Practices for Reproductive Health in Kenya, Margaret Gitau, Gladys Someren, Lucy Wilson, Solomon Marsden, Gwyneth Vance, Alice Olawo   VIDEO 76 & 57

 No 4 – Differences in Reported Implementation of FP Integration: Evidence from providers and clients in five urban centers in Kenya, Joshua Davis, Paul Kuria, Janet Omyonga, Ilene Speizer

VIDEO 3,5,138,4

Reaching Key Target Populations – Oral Presentations (Individual)

No 8 – Knowledge, attitudes and experience with abortion among HIV-infected individuals in Nyanza, Kenya Daniel Grossman, Davida Becker, Maricianah Onono, Sara J. Newmann, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Craig R. Cohen      VIDEO

No 10 – Unintended Pregnancy and Contraceptive Use in the Context of HIV: Evidence from Nigeria and Zambia, Akinrinola Bankole, Joshua Akinyemi, Isaac Adewole, Kumbutso Dzekedzeke, Olutosin Awolude  VIDEO

No 108 – Factors influencing partners’ clinic attendance among HIV positive patients attending an antiretroviral clinic in Benue state, Nigeria, Mobolanle Balogun, Izegbuwa Omofuma  VIDEO

No 113 – Integration in Kenya’s North Eastern Province (NEP): Increasing Access of Remote Populations to Quality Services, Ahmed Boray Arale, David Adriance, Abdullahi Mahat Daud,John Kere, Alden Nouga  VIDEO

No 89 – Meaningful Involvement of PLHIV: Community strategies used to increase access to HIV Care and Treatment for persons newly testing HIV positive, George Khisa, Hellen Barsosio,  Malinda Wheeler, Julius Nguku, Catherine Mukundi VIDEO

No 140 – Trends and Predictors of Changes in Contraception among women in HIV concordant and discordant heterosexual partnerships in Western Kenya,J. N Kiarie, J. Kinuthia, F. Njiri, I. Inwani, P. Cherutich, A. Wangombe, R. Nduati, A. Elizabeth Kurth VIDEO

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

MODELS OF RH/HIV INTEGRATION – Oral Presentations (Pre-formed Panels)

 No 128 The effect of two integration models on uptake of SRH and HIV services in Kenya and Swaziland

Abstract 1: High demand for family planning among postpartum women living with HIV attending integrated HIV and postnatal services, Charlotte Warren, Timothy Abuya, Ian Askew

Abstract 2: Effect of postnatal care and HIV integration model on update of provider-initiated testing and counseling and family planning services among postpartum women in Kenya, James Kimani, Timothy Abuya, Charity Ndwiga, Charlotte Warren   VIDEO of Abstract 1 & 2

Abstract 3:  Links between fertility intentions, family planning use and HIV status among postpartum women in Swaziland: a cohort study, Michelle Klingel

Abstract 4:  Are integrated services meeting reproductive and HIV needs in Kenya & Swaziland? Evidence from community surveys, Joelle Mak, Isolde Birdthistle, Natalie Friend duPreez, Kathryn Church, Susannah  Mayhew  VIDEO of Abstract 3 & 4

Abstract 5:  The effect of family planning and HIV service integration on unmet need for family planning and HIV/STI protection, Averie Baird, Isolde Birdthistle, Kathryn Church


MODELS OF RH/HIV INTEGRATION – Oral Presentations (Pre-formed Panels)

No 126 Emerging evidence for integrating screening for violence against women and children into HIV and primary health care services in East Africa

Abstract 1: Screening for intimate partner violence at Kenyatta National Hospital: An assessment of acceptability,Chi Chi Undie, Catherine Maternowska,  Margaret Mak’anyengo, Ian Askew

Abstract 2:  Integrating routine intimate partner violence screening and supported referrals into antenatal care: Lessons from a pilot study in a rural Kenyan clinic, Abigail M Hatcher, Merab Odero,  Emily Mangone, Maricianah Onono, Elizabeth A Bukusi, Patrizia Romito, Janet M. Turan  

Abstract 3: Findings from a pilot study on the use of screening tool for GBV by healthcare workers at Temeke district hospital Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Rose M. Laisser, Felix Kisanga

Abstract 4:  Lessons learned in a pilot program to screen and provide GBV care in selected health facilities in Dar es Salaam, Samuel Likindikoki, D Mushi, Jessie Mbwambo    VIDEO of Abstracts 2,3, & 4

 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm

INTEGRATION ASSESSMENT – Oral Presentations (Pre-formed Panels)

No 129 – Measuring the benefits and costs of integrated HIV/SRH services

Abstract 2: Measuring integration: an Index of efficiency & effectiveness, Susannah Mayhew, Karthryn Church, George Ploubidis, Carol Obure,  Wei Wei Zhou, Charlotte Michaels, Charlotte Warren,  Charlotte Watts, Anna Vassall

Abstract 3:  Measuring the costs and efficiency of integrated SRH/HIV services, Carol Obure,   Anna Vassall, Fern Terris Prestholt, Christine Micheals, Charlotte Watts 

VIDEO of Panel 129

MODELS OF RH/HIV INTEGRATION – Oral Presentations (Pre-formed Panels)

No 127 – MOMI Project

Abstract 1: The MOMI project: Reducing maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in the year after childbirth through combined facility- and community-based interventions in Kwale district, Kenya, Christine Katingima, Irene Jao, Kishor Mandaliya, Marleen Temmerman

Abstract 2: Improving maternal and newborn outcomes in the year after childbirth in Mozambique: Identifying the opportunities and gaps at policy level to improve service delivery,  Gilda Gondola,  Beatrice Crahay, Olivier Koole, Nafissa Osman

Abstract 3: Taking everyone on board: stakeholder involvement in health systems research, an example from Malawi, Gibson Masache, Christine Katingima, Irene Jao, Gilda Gondola, Charles Kabore, Danielle Belemsaga

Abstract 4: Design of package of interventions in Burkina Faso, Danielle Belemsaga, Charles Kabore, Seni Kouanda   VIDEO of Panel 127

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

INTEGRATION ASSESSMENT – Oral Poster Presentations (Individual)

No 69 – Striving towards a “One Stop Shop”: Assessing Integration of FP and HIV Services in Tanzania, W. Motta, J. Nielsen-Bobbit, N. Kikumbih, M. Pavin, R. Killian, F. Mwanga, P. Perchal

No 23 – Increased IUD and Injectable Use Through Integrated Service Provision across Four Provinces of Mozambique, Hamida Momade, Carolien Albers, Ana  Jacinto, Jorge  Matines, Arsenia Nhacale, Ana Paula Gimo

No 97 – Adherence to and Effectiveness of an Integrated Contraception/HIV Care Model in an Open-label Randomized Controlled Trial among Breastfeeding HIV+ Women in Tororo, Uganda,Paul Natureeba, Julia Mwesigwa, Albert Plenty, Veronica Ades, Flavia Luwedde, Rose Nakayenze, Beth Osterbauer, Tamara Clark, Moses Kamya, Edwin Charlebois, Diane Havlir, Pius Okong, Deborah Cohan

No 72 – Systematic Assessment of Family Planning Organisations – Capacity and Readiness to Delivery Quality Integrated HIV and SRH Services, Divya Bajpai, Heidi Quinn, Jane Coombes, Gill Gordon,  Chipo Chiiya

No 25 – Coordination and Integration of HIV and Family Planning Services through Organizational Network Analysis, Heidi Reynolds,  James Thomas, Ademe Tsegaye, Christine Bevc

No 9 – Does integrating family planning into HIV services improve attitudes toward gender equity? Results from a cluster randomized trial in Nyanza, Kenya,  Sara Newmann, Corrine Rocca, Craig R. Cohen, Maricianah Onono, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Rachel L. Steinfeld, Daniel Grossman

No 27 – Comparing the perspectives of health care providers and HIV-positive women on pregnancy and abortion-related services to HIV-positive adults in Zambia and Nigeria, Olutosin Awolude, Ann M. Moore, Akinrinola Bankole, Isaac Adewole, Adesina Oludokun, Gilda Sedgh, Maximillian Bweupe

No 44 – ARV uptake and linkage to care services among HIV-positive pregnant women at health centers in Ethiopia, Ketema Lemma, Alemayehu Legesse,  Tesfaye Arega, Sisay Solomon,  Fred Hartman, Bud Crandall, Helina Worku, Konings Elke

92 – Knowledge and Utilization of Reproductive Health Services by PLHIVs in Rural Antenatal Clinics in North-Central Nigeria, Austin Nwokedi Ndulue, Titi Badru, Bisi Arije, Sunday Adaji

VIDEO of  69,23,97,72,9,27,44,92

REACHING KEY TARGET POPULATIONS – Oral Poster Presentations (Individual)

No 94  – Expanding access of integrated services to female sex workers through innovative high impact strategies in Kilifi District, Nzioki Kingola, Janet Musimbi, Marleen Temmerman  VIDEO

No 85 – Providing integrated services to migrants – A case study from Seme Border Nigeria, Sekoni Adekemi, Kannike Folashade  VIDEO

No 1 – Low uptake of HIV voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) in a population at high risk of HIV transmission and acquisition: migrant and highly mobile women in the fish trade in Nyanza Province, Kenya, Carol S. Camlin, Zachary A. Kwena

No 46 – Comprehensive HIV/AIDS pre-service training: essential strategy in integration for impact, Joan Nyamu, Peter Gichangi, Edwin Wambari, Beatrice Kwachi, Rose Mulindi, Rosemary Kamunya

No 15 – Does Mens Participation Necessary in the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV? Perceptions of Married Men and Barriers to Participation in Osogbo, Nigeria, Busayo Adewuyi, Ademola Adelekan

VIDEO of 1, 46, & 15

No 77 – Male involvement: Which way forward for integration of family planning and HIV services in Kenya’s Coast Province, Irene Jao, Mary Mwaura, Stephen Okeyo,  Marleen Temmerman, Stanley Luchters

No 75 – Male involvement in women’s reproductive health in Kenya: A key approach to improving uptake of sexual and reproductive services by women, Jackline Kivunaga, Richard Mutemwa,  Timothy Abuya,  James Kimani,  Colombini Manuela, Susannah Mayhew,  Charlotte Warren

VIDEO of 77 & 75

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Closing Ceremony Presentation – Dr. Craig R. Cohen  VIDEO


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