Presentations (September 12, 2012)


Opening Ceremony

Key Scientific Address: Dr. Michael Mbizvo, Director, Department of Reproductive Health & Research (RHR), World Health Organization, Geneva.    PDF    VIDEO   

Plenary Speakers:

Dr. Sheila Macharia, Senior Health Manager, USAID Kenya, Policy and Organizational Change to Respond to the RH/HIV Integration Agenda      PDF    VIDEO   

Dr. Velephi J Okello, National ART Coordinator, Ministry of Health Swaziland, Models of SRH and HIV Integration   PDF    VIDEO   


Models of RH/HIV Integration – Oral Presentations (Pre-formed Panel)                       

No. 122 – Integration of family planning services into HIV care clinics: results from a cluster randomized controlled trial in Nyanza, Kenya

Abstract 1: Effect of integrating family planning services into HIV care and treatment on contraceptive use and pregnancy among women in Nyanza, Kenya, Daniel Grossman, Sara J. Newmann, Maricianah Onono, Cinthia Blat, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Starley Shade, Rachel Steinfeld, Craig R. Cohen VIDEO

Abstract 2: Change in familiarity with and attitudes toward family planning among HIV-infected men and women after integrating family planning services into HIV care and treatment in Nyanza, Kenya, Sara J. Newmann, Daniel Grossman, Maricianah Onono, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Mary Armes, Starley Shade, Rachel Steinfeld, Gorrety Akinyi Ong’udi, Cinthia Blat, Craig R. Cohen VIDEO

Abstract 3: Patient satisfaction with family planning services integrated into HIV care and treatment compared to a referral model in Nyanza, Kenya, Daniel Grossman, Sara J. Newmann, Maricianah Onono, Mary Armes, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Starley Shade, Rachel Steinfeld, Craig R. Cohen  VIDEO

Abstract 4: Costs Associated with the Integration of Reproductive Health and HIV Services in Nyanza, Kenya, Starley B. Shade, Sebastian Kevany, Maricianah Onono, George Olembo, Rachel L. Steinfeld, Daniel Grossman, Sara J. Newmann, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Craig R. Cohen  VIDEO


Policy and Organizational Change – Oral Presentations (Pre-formed Panel)

 No. 124  – Translating Programmatic Evidence into Strategic Advocacy for RH/HIV Integration: Lessons from The Integration Partnership (TIP)

Abstract 1: Lessons in Implementing a Reproductive Health/HIV Integrated Global Fund Grant: The Experience of Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria, Chioma Nwachukwu

Abstract 2: Civil Society Oversight: Mapping RH/HIV Integration from Global Fund Proposals to Service Deliver Points in Zambia, Mikang Longjan

Abstract 3: From Policy to Implementation: Leveraging Global Fund Resources for RMNCH/HIV Integration in Ethiopia, Amy Boldosser

Abstract 4: Speaking with One Voice: The Role of Civil Society in Creating an Enabling Environment for RH/HIV Integration in Zambia, Amos Mwale



Models of RH/HIV Integration- Oral Presentations (Individual)  

No 18 – Calls for Integration of Safer Conception Counseling and Reproductive Services into HIV Care and Treatment Services from HIV Serodiscordant Couples Desiring Conception, Okeoma Mmeje, Betty Njoroge, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Craig R. Cohen

No. 2 –  Integration of Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention into HIV-care at the Family AIDS Care and Education Services (FACES) clinics in Kisumu, Kenya, Megan J. Huchko, Chemtai Mungo, May Maloba, Ogollah Osongo, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Craig R. Cohen

No 112 – Scaling up an evidence-based integration model in Tanzania: Lessons for implementers, policymakers, and donors, Stella Mujaya, Tricia Petruney, Christine Lasway

No 90 – Saving lives through the first 1000 days of integration,Patrick Omar, McFarren Kuntaja, Chancy Mauluka, Chintu Mwate

VIDEO for Abstracts 18, 2, 112, 90

No 37 – Social map, a tool for planning, implementation and follow up for heath activities in community, Reine Lydia Saloucou, Genevieve Onadja, Nana Sanogo

No 12 – Do Existing Health Information Systems Provide an Accurate Picture of Integrated Family Planning and HIV Services? Susan E Adamchak, Francis Okello, Inoussa Kabore’

VIDEO for Abstracts 37, 12 

Policy and Organizational Change – Oral Presentations (Individual)

No 34 – Assessing the African impact of the Rapid Assessment Tool for Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV Linkages (IPPF, UNFPA, WHO, UNAIDS, GNP+, ICW and Young Positives), Jon Hopkins, Lynn Collins, Lucy Stackpool-Moore, Kevin Osborne VIDEO

No 88 – Innovative approaches for integration of HIV Prevention Services Using Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons learned from the Mukuru Center of HOPE, Malinda Wheeler, Julius Nguku, Catherine Mukundi, George Khisa, Hellen Barsosio VIDEO

No 42 – Policy to practice: assessing sexual reproductive health and HIV linkages, evidence from Malawi, Lawrence Oteba, Wachira Muthoni,  Lucy Stackpool-Moore, Ginette Hounkanrin

No 105 – Use of a rapid assessment tool to strengthen linkages between SRHR and HIV policies, Asa Andersson, Jean-Francois Aguilera

No 68 – Engaging women living with HIV in using real life human interest stories in advocacy for integration in Tanzania Mainland, Julie Tumbo, Jackson Willson , Benjamin Awinda VIDEO

No 102 – Local Government Legislators’ Perceptions of Maternal Mortality and Political Strategies For Its Reduction In Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, Ademola Adelekan VIDEO


3:30PM – 5:00PM

Models of RH/HIV Integration- Oral Presentations (Individual)                                             

No 103 – Operations research to Evaluate the Outcome of FP/HIV Services Integration implemented by USAID/ IFHP in Ethiopia, Ayalew Alemayehu, Asnake Mengistu, Lulu Kidest

No 13 – Rethinking Unmet Need for Family Planning among Women Living with HIV: A Dynamic Screening Model, Susan E. Adamchak, Barbara Janowitz, Emily Keyes

No 45 – Testing the feasibility of integrating family planning and HIV/AIDS services in the ZPCT II partnership, Prisca Kasonde, Catherine Mwale, Lameck Nyirenda, Flora Hainde, Michael Welsh

VIDEO for Abstracts 103, 13, 45  

No 111 – Community-level Integration of Family Planning (FP) and HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) in Nampula, Mozambique: Increased and Improved Service Delivery through Linked, Home-Based Services, Viola Adalgisa, Alicia Mehl    VIDEO for Abstracts 111  

Systems and Environments – Oral Presentations (Individual)

No 20 – Creating Demand for Integrated HIV and SRH Services Through Community-based mobilisation – Experience from Swaziland, Kristian Bruneau, Nhlabatsi Zelda

No 134 – Addressing monitoring and evaluation gaps in provision of integrated SRH and HIV services, Esther Muketo, Richard Muraga, Joseph Murage VIDEO for Abstracts 20, 134 

No 7 – Getting Products to People: What we can learn from IBM and Apple about Supply Chain Integration, Nadia Olson, Carmit Keddem, Joseph McCord VIDEO

No 43 – A Systematic Approach to the Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Integrated Health Services, Heidi Reynolds and Elizabeth Sutherland VIDEO

No 54 – Reducing HIV related maternal mortality through community systems strengthening, Felicia Wong, Billie-Jean Nieuwenhuys, Malawo Matyola,  Lucia Mvula, Shupe Makashinyi VIDEO


5:00PM – 6:00PM

Models of RH/HIV Integration- Oral Presentations (Individual)

No 31 – Testing an Intervention to Expand Contraceptive Choice for PMTCT Clients in Cape Town, South Africa, Theresa Hoke, Jane Harries, Sarah Crede, Mackenzie Green, Deborah Constant, Jennifer Moodley

No 78 – Provision of Services and Care for HIV-Exposed Infants: A comparison of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Clinic and HIV Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC) models, John Ongech,  Heather Hoffman, Judith Kose,  Michael Audo, Lucy Matu, Peter Savosnick,  Laura Guay

No 95 – Provision of integrated sexual and reproductive health services to female sex workers through drop in service centers in Kilifi District, Janet Musimbi, Nzioki Kingola, Dancan Otieno, Jackline Omino, Dorris Chivilla,  Marleen Temmerman

No 104 – Increasing access to integrated sexual and reproductive health services for male sex workers and men who have sex with men (MSMs/MSWs) in Coast province, Jackline Omino, Kingola Nzioki, Janet Musimbi,  Dancan Otieno, Dorris Chivilla, Marleen Temmerman

No 136 – Quality of integrated HIV and postnatal care services in Zambia: Evidence from provider knowledge and training on what constitutes postnatal care period – James Kimani,  Charlotte Warren, Charity Ndwiga, Reuben Mbewe, Mary Nambao, Lois Munthali

No 131 – Delivering Integrated SRH services to PLHIV through a Community Based Strategy), Wilkister Ombidi, Avina Sarna, Jerry Okal, Nnzioki Kingola, Agnes Rinyiru, Syengo Masila, Marleen Temmerman

VIDEO of Abstracts, 31, 95, 136, 131

No 91 – A Community based integration of Malaria, AIDS and TB care: An Innovative model  Fredrick Kabikira, Elizabeth Margret Asiimwe, Denis Kayiwa  VIDEO 91

No 98 – Opportunities for the Integration of Family Planning and HIV services: Provider Perspectives in Kumasi, Ghana, Angeline Ti, Ernest Kwarko, Jerry Daneku, Emmanuel Morhe, Vanessa Dalton, Jason Bell

No 107 – Integrating maternal and child health into Community ART Groups in rural Mozambique Diederike  Geelhoed,  Sergio Dezembro,  Humberto Matias, Faustino Lessitala,  Tom Decroo, Fausto Muzila, Luisa Brumana, Emanuele Capobianco VIDEO of Abstracts, 98 & 107


No 55 – Peer Mentoring: A Strategy for Capacity Building in RH/HIV Integration, Charity Ndwiga, Timothy Abuya, James Kimani, Jackie Kivunaga, Charlotte Warren VIDEO

No. 106 – Integration of Family Planning and HTC Services: A missed solution to missed opportunities for enhanced universal access to both of the services in Tanzania, Bayoum Awadhi, Beati Mboya, Benedicta Mduma, Florence Temu, Zubeda Ngware

No 70 – Integration of HIV&AIDS&SRH for Female Sex Wokers and Injecting Drug Users in Zanzibar, Benjamin Awinda, Jackson Willson, Julie Tumbo VIDEO

No 35 – Turning theory into practice – promoting promising practices to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV by preventing HIV and unintended pregnancies in Swaziland, Zelda Nhlabatsi, Jonathan Hopkins, Bonisile Nhlabatsi VIDEO

No 62 – Ugandan Service Provider Perspectives on the WHO Recommendation on Hormonal Contraceptives and HIV Risk,Lydia Mulwanyi-Mukombe, Lillian Mworeko VIDEO

No 135 – Results of the Piloting the Toolkit for Rapid Monitoring of AIDS Referral Systems (R-MARS), Svetlana Negroustoueva, Kate Mbaire, Samwel Wakibi, Simon Baker VIDEO

No 139 – Translating policy to practice: Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV integration initiative in Malawi, Mijoya Thandiwe, Chatuluka Mathias VIDEO

No 86 – Integrating GBV support into FP clinics in Guinea, Moustapha Diallo, Nancy Yinger VIDEO

No 84 – From policy to implementation, addressing challenges to service delivery, Sekoni Adekemi, John Paul Eneche VIDEO

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